A dystopian world, through a utopian len


A brutal world depicted through perfect imagery. Barnaby Lawrence Smith uses his passion for photography to depict a dystopian world, through a utopian lens. Using angles hues, lines and directional influence, he creates a relationship between viewer and art work. 


as a multidisciplinary artist whose practice emphasises the themes of psychological engagement between mankind and the urban world. Barnaby focuses on industrial structures and urban environments and in particular the brutalist architecture of London.




About Revolution& COmpany.

Revolution&Company is the branding for the artwork, photography and soon to come clothing, produced by Barnaby Lawrence Smith. The name ‘Revolution’ has been implemented due to the one-hundred and eighty degree recovery Barnaby undertook from being diagnosed with epilepsy. 

Professionally trained in Printmaking (BA), Graphic Design (Ma) and Photography, Barnaby utilises all three elements to create his work. He specialises in ScreenPrinting, Lithograph Printing and conjoined with his graphic design knowledge and photography skills, creates art to depict the anthropological relationship between man and earth.




The brand is in its early stages however will be split into two half’s. ‘Revolution&Art’ and ‘Revolution&Clothing’ 

Please check out our store for our prints. As well as artist prints and copies; we are looking into Screenprinting a new line of graphic based work onto sweatshirts, hoodies and Tee’s.  The targeted demographic is for both surf and city lovers. Barnaby often visits Cornwall with family. From a young age Barnaby has had a relationship with the bustling environment of the urban, yet loves the chilled out surf scenes of the small Cornish towns.     ___________________________________

If you would like to get in touch to ask a question, we are waiting. 

Barnaby Lawrence Smith


Printmaker, Graphic Designer & Photography // owner

I believe that every print is personal, every photograph has meaning and all the work I make builds utopian perspective for the audience.


I am more than happy for you to get in touch, if you have a vision I am yet to explore.