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Welcome to the Utopian world.

      Welcome to my first blog post, here I will discuss all things Brutalist architecture, the journey I have in photography, together with art and finally, the occasional coastal beach blog. I often visit Cornwall with family and friends and it has often been our escape in life!

      But let’s start at the beginning, where I found a passion for photography and printmaking in Shoreditch, London, during the period in which I took work experience at the well known screen print studio and gallery, Jealous.    

Not only were there lots of time to explore London and find the architecture I want to photograph. But, the opportunity to learn about a new print method to help my skillset for my Bachelor of Arts, this being, Drawing and Printmaking. I gradually built up a passion for taking photos of brutalist architecture. Manipulating and deconstructing these images for my artwork. The practice emphasises the themes of psychological engagement between mankind and the urban world. As you can see, the subject matter focuses on Industrial Structures and Urban Environments and in particular the brutalist architecture of London.

      Now we have got the formal stuff out the way. Let’s talk about my recent trip and work experience in Shoreditch. Its a very popular and well known area in London and you need to be carrying a camera for sure. The photographs showcased below are my favourite photographs from that particular shoreditch photoshoot. Still today I am pleased to share them in my most up to date portfolio!


Like I said before, I was working in Jealous Print studio and that was an experience in itself. Firstly, the standard to which the printers work to is extremely high. Nothing like I have seen before, I have adopted this way of working for myself. Secondly, the work made, it is fun and inspirational, the majority of the subject matter being relatable or well known subject matter(s) again, something I have adopted within my own practice. Finally, 


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