Portfolio Four

Is a selection of prints. – Anthropological Brutalist Illusions. This series of prints has been created to emphasise the problems the subconscious mind creates within the urban settings around us. Barnaby has purposely manipulated and deconstructed the buildings as this is relatable to both how his illness of vertigo affects him, but also how he feels, through his own perceptions, the anthropological urban world currently is. The exposed material of the building is a suggestion of the exposed illusions that mankind dream up highlighting his interest in anthropological analysis. Using a variety of mediums, he uses a combination of photography, digital manipulation and enhancement, screen-print, lithograph, ink & pencil to create subtle layers and depth to his prints and drawings. The different processes become layers to the finished piece(s) of art which subtly reflects the layers of one’s subconscious and conscious mind as well as the layers of difficulty Barnaby experiences on a daily basis due to his issues with vertigo. We all experience different layers to our own issues and problems, awareness and perceptions. This artwork is designed to create freedom for the end user wanting to escape from daily life. An escapism from the illusionof problems getting in the way of living everyday life in an Urban city.

Screen-print / Lithograph on Textured Fine Art Paper. – 640GSM

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