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Revolution & Company is a new up and coming luxury lifestyle brand which supplies hand screen-printed t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies, for a demographic of surf and city lovers. The current development within the branding is in its early stages and will grow over the year.

The business name ‘Revolution & Company’ is a metaphor and analogy for the journey taken from the time the creator and owner of the business was facing difficult times.

Barnaby L. Smith the owner, developed epilepsy, but over a period of time took a turn for the better, a revolution, a one hundred-and-eighty-degree spin for the better.

I have taken my passion(s) for art, photography and fashion and thrown it together to create a business which implements all the elements of these subjects. The targeted demographic is based upon the interest I have for both, the fast-paced city life and the slowed down surf scenes of British seasides. More specifically London, Bristol and Polzeath, Cornwall.