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“The work above entailed the beginning of a workload that will expand and grow over the years. It depicts the passion for architecture, Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology. The themes of psychological engagement between mankind and the urban world is extremely important in the work that has been depicted. The subject matter focuses on Industrial Structures and Urban Environments and in particular the brutalist architecture of London. Inspired through the life experience of suffering with personal health conditions, this series of prints has been created to emphasise the problems that the subconscious mind could create within the urban settings around us. He has purposely manipulated and deconstructed the buildings as this is relatable to both how he feels, through his own perceptions, the anthropological urban world currently is. The exposed material of the building is a suggestion of the exposed illusions that mankind dream up highlighting his interest in anthropological analysis. He wants the viewer to envision, create and visualise a world filled with broken, manipulated and deconstructed structures and through their own perspective think of these pieces as utopian or dystopian.