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Visual Art.

This portfolio shows and explains all the most
up to date work on the brutalist architectural
artwork by artist, Barnaby Lawrence Smith.


Series One

This series of work entailed the beginning of a workload that will expand and grow over the years. It depicts my passion for architecture, Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology. The themes of psychological engagement between mankind and the urban world is extremely important in the work I depict. the subject matter focuses on Industrial Structures and Urban Environments and in particular the brutalist architecture of London. Inspired through the own life experience of suffering with vertiginous like symptoms, this series of prints has been created to emphasise the problems the subconscious mind creates within the urban settings around us. He has purposely manipulated and deconstructed the buildings as this is relatable to both how his illness of vertigo affects him, but also how he feels, through his own perceptions, the anthropological urban world currently is. The exposed material of the building is a suggestion of the exposed illusions that mankind dream up highlighting his interest in anthropological analysis.

Series two

Series two showcases a similar body of work, a developed body of work. Using the same themes but exploring the connection of hue, space and the relationship that both the building has in reply to the colour.  The body of work was in reply to a text about being lost, subconsciously and consciously. The colours represent one environment; the beach, juxtaposed with the brutal urban environment. thus, the unconscious confusion it creates for the audience.